Football Manager 2013 Huge Database

Football Manager 2013 Beta was released for the public and for now the new football manager game looks good. After a little bit of playing, i’ve started to create logos and some utilities for this beta version, testing how it looks and how i can improve the game in some ways.

One of them, as you already know from the last football manager games, it’s the huge database feature. Some of the players consider that it’s useless, but i still think that it’s the best option if you want to play football manager 2013 and you want to have a lot of players in your database. And it’s extremely good on LLM (low league management).

How to install huge database for FM 2013

1. Download the file at the end of the post

2. Put it in C:\Users\*\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013 folder or in you custom created folder (you have the option to modify it in the game.

3. Enjoy

Screenshots huge database Football Manager 2013


If you have any problem with this huge database or you have somehow modified the wrong file, here is the original file to correct the error  - Download (original panels.fmf file, not the huge database)

FM 2014 Release Date

Sports Interactive and Sega officially announced the release date for FM 2014. And it’s going to be in October. On the 31st of October, starting from the middle of the night, people that preordered the game can download and play FM 2014.

Until then you can see a little video made by Sport Interactive:

FM14 is the most feature-packed and technically advanced release in Sports Interactive history, with over 1,000 new features and improvements. The FM experience is enhanced with the game available on Linux for the first time and the introduction of ‘cloud save’ technology, meaning managers can now pursue a single career from any computer, anywhere in the world.

Chelsea, again at Bucharest

The last two seasons were quite awesome for my Chelsea team. We won the UEFA Champions League and the we won Europa League. Now we are again in the group stages of UEFA Champions League and we are going to meet two of teams that we kicked out last season in the road to Europa League victory: Steaua Bucharest and FC Basel.

I’ve traveled with the my group of fans quite nicely in Switzerland (although the country has some spicy prices on anything), was a lovely summer experience.

It wasn’t really the same in Bucharest. Mostly because to get there and register for a hotel it’s quite a nightmare if you don’t prepare properly. Last time we didn’t and we paid quite a lot. But somehow was worth it, because the beer is good and cheep.

Last time when I was in Bucharest i got a taxi from the airport to the hotel and it costed me about 60 euros. When I’ve told that to another guy that traveled with me on Bucharest, he laughed and said that with that money you could get two private transport cars to get your from the airport. So Yeah, I’ve paid a little bit to much for the ride.

Next time I’ve searched the web and I’ve found a company that did “transfer aeroport Otopeni” (in English that means something like private airport transfer to Otopeni) and with 35 euros I’ve got in a very spacious car with aircon and a pleasent view of Bucharest.

At the end of the month I am going to travel again to Bucharest. This time I know what to prepare myself for, so I got everything right, starting with the hotel and finishing with a way of transport in Bucharest. Because when you are prepared, you can save some pounds for some extra (cheap) beer.

UEFA Champions League 2013-2014 Group Stage

The UEFA Champions League 2013-2014 Groups had been drawned today and we will have some interesting matches in this year Champions League group stage.

In group A we have Manchester United, Sahtior Doneth, Bayer Leverkusen and Real Sociedad. Will be a tough battle for the second place here.

In group B we have the two favourites of this group, Real Madrid and Juventus, and Galatasaray and Copenhagen will probably fight for a Europa League place.

In group C we have Benfica, PSG, Olympiakos and Anderlecht. Anyone can qualify from this group.

In group D Manchester City and Bayern Munchen are the favourites, but CSKA Moscow can pose some problems. Viktoria Plzen is the outsider of this group.

In group E we have Chelsea, Schalke, Steaua and Basel to fight for two places in the second round of Champions League. There are no favourites here, all the teams are equal.

In group F we also have a tough group. Arsenal, Marseille, Dortumund and Napoli will fight in every match to qualify for the second round of Champions League.

In group G we have FC Porto, Atletico Madrid, Zenit St. Petersburg and Austria Wien. Probably this will be the group order after the six matches.

In group H we have 4 very good teams fighting for a place in Second Round of UEFA Champions League, but Barcelona and AC Milan definitevely have an edge on Ajax and Celtic.

Grupa A Grupa B Grupa C Grupa D
Manchester United Real Madrid Benfica Bayern Munchen
Sahtior Doneth Juventus PSG CSKA Moscova
Bayer Leverkusen Galatasaray Olympiakos Manchester City
Real Sociedad FC Copenhagen Anderlecht Viktoria Plzen
Grupa E Grupa F Grupa G Grupa H
Chelsea Arsenal FC Porto Barcelona
Schalke 04 Olympique Marseille Atletico Madrid AC Milan
Basel Borussia Dortmund Zenit St. Petersburg Ajax
Steaua Bucuresti Napoli Austria Viena Celtic

So here we are. What’s your opinion about the Champions League group stage this year ?

FM 2014 Screenshots

Screenshots from the new game FM 2014 – just a look in what you can find the in the new football manager 2014.

board renegociation

Match plan creator:

match plan creator

FM Classic Transfer Deadline

fmc transfer deadline

Job Interview

job interview


contract clauses


Player Interaction

player interaction




transfer negociations

More screenshots for FM 2014 you can find here.

FM 2014 Pre-Order

FM 2014

As you might now, FM 2014 is now available for pre-order. The price now for pre-order is… well, we don’t know on steam yet, because they haven’t released a price. But Sega will sell the game on the usual 50 Euros, around 42 pounds, depending on … economy.

But what you can find new in the game ? Let’s find out.

1. You can play it on Linux now, which is something new and somehow cool. However, the vast majority of FM players use windows, but there will be some fans that would love to see FM 2014 on Linux.

2. Improved 3D Match Engine – well, for those who love 3D Match Engine, you will see some nice new improved stuffs. But since I am a fan of 2D Match Engine, i’ll just live it here.

3. More realistic transfers & contracts – we will see what are the new things on contracts. I do hope that are a little bit better then in the last game.

4. New set of tactics – I do hope they actually improved them, not like in the last game.

5. Improved interactions with players, media & staff, more sophisticated board interactions, improved news system – some improvements that we will have to see.

6. Enhanced user interface – some key areas redefined, we will have to see which of them.

7. An Improved FM Classic – i do hope that they improved some things there, espacially the theme.

Well, we will just have to wait and see what SEGA and SI come out with on FM 2014.

FM Story: Vointa Sibiu (part three)

After the winter, the championship got a restart with a new set of players on altmost all the teams. Except mine. As hard as i’ve tried, i couldn’t get any good players except one: Buananotte. Don’t ask me how, but in FM 2012 i’ve managed to get a loan him at Vointa Sibiu.

It was quite pretentious and didn’t really played so good for the team, but when he came he asked for the usual private jet and a personal car at the airport, so i’ve rand a car rental bucharest airport firm and got one.

To much to spend for a player. But i’ve learned my lesson there, so the next players that would get to the team would get this preferential treatment.

The second part of the championship was quite ok, i’ve managed to stay behind CFR Cluj, but only just, because Dinamo and Steaua came one point behind me with 3 matches to play. However, in the last matched i’ve managed to increase the diference to 4 points from Dinamo and 5 from Steaua, following some bad matches they’ve made and some good matches that i’ve mad.

And at the final, i’ve got the second place in Liga 1 and a ticket to the third round of UEFA Champions League, which was quite nice for a team that barelly promoted in Liga 1 just a season ago.

FM Story: Vointa Sibiu (part two)

As I’ve said before in the story, i’ve started with a good draw agains Steaua Bucharest,  but the next matches were incredible. Rapid, Ceahlaul, Dinamo, CFR Cluj and then Petrolul came in my way. And i got out with 3 wins, one draw and one defeat.

First, before the match with Rapid Bucharest, i’ve got to get some other players in my squad, but the limitations on my budget weren’t helping me a lot. I couldn’t just send a private jet for players, some in Bucharest i’ve searched a service of rent a car Bucharest and i’ve started to run to the airport, meet with players and their managers to discuss contracts and so on. I think that in a week i’ve drove like 1000 km around Bucharest trying to get some new players. But i didn’t manage to get altmost anyone, because the sallaries and the money their managers were asking were quite high for my team, so i’ve had to stay put and to try to get some romanian players that could and would accept some nice contracts with a small.

Anyway, in this period i’ve also played with 5 teams. A defeat in the 94th minute with Rapid Bucharest (1-2), a clear win with Ceahlaul (3-0, two goals by Milan Ivana) and another smashing win against Dinamo (4-2). CFR Cluj was a tough job, i’ve barelly managed a draw (1-1), but then i’ve got another three points with Petrolul (2-0).

It was a good run and i’ve managed to get rid of most of the powerful teams in the league. But you got to be carefull with the small teams also.

And i’ve been and that took me to the second place at the end of first part of the Liga 1, one point behind CFR Cluj, with wins over Vaslui, Otelul Galati, U Cluj, Astra Giurgiu, Targu Mures, Sportul Studentesc si CS Mioveni. I’ve lost heavily against Gaz Metan Medias (0-3), i’ve draw with Concordia Chiajna, Brasov and Pandurii Targu Jiu.

But the second part of the championship was even tougher, the other teams in the League got some new good players and it started to get bad for my team…

FM Story: Vointa Sibiu (part one)

I’ve started one of the best seasons i’ve had in Romanian First Division with Vointa Sibiu (FM 2012, because FM 2013 was quite boring).

I’ve played with Vointa Sibiu for a while and well, that’s the story of the team that is now not existing anymore. But last year it was and played in the First Division of Romanian Football.

My story in FM 2012 started with a call from Cindrea, the Vointa Sibiu owner that got a bucharest airport transfer and a private plane to get me to Sibiu (obviously).

I’ve signed a contract in the last hours of 15 of July, one week before Liga 1 started. With altmost no players, i’ve got my hand on three players before the start of the season: Milan Ivana, a very good left-wing player from Kosice, Oumarou, cameroonian right wing player from Serbia (somewhere from there, i don’t remember exactly the team) and Calin Cristea from Concordia Chiajna.

The first match was just in a week, against Steaua Bucharest, the hardest match you could ever wanted as your first game on a new team. Anyway, i’ve imposed some sort of tactic, that looked like and 4-1-2-2-1, with two inside forwards on wings, two central midfielders with defensive playmaker and central midfielder role, one anchor man (Dalbea, very good player) and of course, the classic line of 4 players.

And I’ve started well, an interesting match with Steaua, home, a 1-1 draw, an excellent start for me and the team in this conditions. I’ve still needed some players or the players i’ve had to learn to adapt to this new tactic of mine.

But they will learn quickly, because the next teams to meet were Rapid, Dinamo and CFR Club. Hell of a program!

Football Manager 1888

On the 1st of April we’ve got a got joke from Football Manager team (SI) with the “release” of Football Manager 1888, where you could’ve played “The latest version of the iconic football management game offers players the chance to put their skills to the test in the very first season of the English Football League. Managers are given the option of taking over any of the original 12 clubs involved in the 1888/89 season and guiding them to league and cup glory.”

FM 1888

If it happened to be real (it isn’t), how cool would have been to play in 1888 ?

Darren Bent FM 2013

Darren Bent in FM 2013 – 28 years old striker playing for Aston Villa in English Premier League